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Welcome to the Coolest Web site on the web

Hail Macy*s
the next most holiest place to church

Jess and Rodrigo 6 months later
yay!!! half way to a year!!!

Since everyone calls me a blonde i am the blonde and jess is the burnette


The Ho's
Don't we look like twins?
Here we are dressing up for twin day

Everyone else has a web site these days, we decided that we need to make a website are about our friends, family, crushes, and of course the most embarrassing moments of our lives.

Hey everyone.  Over break we'll take pictures (planned and random) and put them on the site for your comic pleasure.

What's New?

CHRISTMAS!!!!!! yep that was fun.We both got digital cameras, so that means there will be more pictures on here. yep. Well I'm (Jess) all alone because Alie, that ho, left me for New York! So yep, this site will be under the control of me! Enjoy!

1/1/03 - Well, it's a new year and of course we were talking to eachother the last minutes of '02 and the first minutes of '03 .  It's like we talk all year long.  New Year Eve was out of control (Jess and Alie style), as you can tell from the pictures we added, there was no stopping us.  Hope you have a great '03

Well, its over.  We've completed or jr year in high school and now its time to relax a little and get some good tans for our senior pictures (Palm Springs)before we're seniors.  Its been an amazing year but senior year will be way better and we can't wait.

Daisy, Spinning

Please be sure to get in touch and let me know what you think of my site.