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Laugh if you want, cry if you want..I really don't care


To all my wonderful friends
Promise of Friendship....
Promise you'll always be my friend
Promise you'll never laugh at me,
but always with me.
Promise that you'll dry my tears when cry
And pick me up when I am down
Promise that you'll tell me when I am making
a mistake
Promise you'll never set me up with an ugly date
Promise that the phone calls will be long,
and the emails frequent
Promise that the nights out will be crazy,
and the nights in lazy
Promise the bridesmaid dress won't poof
and that you'll never stop being a goof
Promise me we'll be friends
until the very end

To my Prince Charming
Promise of Love...
Promise to love me no matter what
To hold me
To kiss me
Promise to hold me hand as tight as you can
Promise you won't break my heart
Promise we'll never be apart
If you break my heart,
I don't know what I'll do
Because I promise
I love you

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