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Shoutouts to Our Friends
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Shoutouts to Our Friends
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First off we wanna just thank all our friends for all the great memories.  You know who you are and we love you even if we don't mention you.

A Shoutouts page lets me say hello and share a few inside jokes over the web. Here's an example of a format I might use.

Talking mouth

Hey Skank.  Thank you for being the best friend ever.  You put up with my early wake-up calls and stupid stories.  You've never judged me evan though I am sure you could have. You always make me feel better no matter whats wrong.  You sometimes know me better than I do.  You are like a sister to me and I think our friendship will last until we are old ladies going to dinner at 4 to get the early-bird special.  Remember to tell Matt that we're a package, and if you get one, you also get the other.  And  remember I will always be there for you and yes I will be an "auntie" to your lil jess' and olivers.                             Luv always,     AlieHo                                 

The one who helped me get this oh-so-amazing web site going, Chris you're the best.

For now, you are this guy -- friendly but just a little bit weird... okay, a whole lot weird. Who loves you, baby?!

Eyeguy wants to be friends

Walking dude
Brandon "Mr. Wheels"
"No, don't worry, you've got plenty of space!" Heheheh, famous last words from the man with the plan.

Brandon I never hear from you anymore! Send me an email you big doofus or I'll make you run away like this guy!