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We do lots of crazy stuff, don't try to understand it, just accept it.

we went to the Marian vs. Eastlake game, whoa baby that was a very beautiful game. We took pictures of all the action shots (wink).  And there was this one Marian dude, #12, ohhh baby!!!  We would love for him to help us "improve" or game. hehehe.  but in the end EastLake won.

OPERATION DOODY- when Jess thought Rodrigo was mad at her after a night of bickering she got him a card at Hallmark.  We went over to the stables where he works to try and secretly put the card on his car.  When we got there it smelled like horse doody.  Anyways, we found his car but we had to be careful so he wouldn't see us.  As usual, Jess is a wimp and she was freaking out that he would see her.  Finally sheran like the cross-country runner that Rodrigo is, and put the card on his window.  With the plop and drop action, OPERATION DOODY was successful.

Funny Friday-
  1. "The car is moving!!!!!!"- Jess
  2. "Woooo, thats an orange light!!!" -Alie
  3. As we're walking through the garage, where frank, alie's car, usually is, but tonight her dad drove him.   "Jess don't you have your keys?" -Alie "Why, aren't you driving?" - Jess
  4. Jess can't turn the key in the ignition, so Alie says " shake the steering wheel." and Jess takes out the keys, and shakes them.
  5. "You must be 16" -drywall destroyer. "Actually she's 8." -Alie. "18!?" -drywall destroyer. "No just 8"-Alie
  6. after Alie almost ran Kenny Dreaser over-"Alie!!! You killed Kenny!!!"- Jess
  7. After the Marian game while we were in Baskin Robins.."I am a nut for coconut!!!!!"- Jess
  8. In a manly voice. "Dude, that guys hot!!!!"- Jess/Alie