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Below is a running score card of the dorky things that Jess and I do.

Jessica's Dork List:
  1. The underwear ordeal
  2. Homecoming
  3. "mouthwash"
  4. Getting lost on Olympic Parkway
  5. Driving w/ one boot off
  6. Blue blood?
  7. Wondered why the inside of her car was so cold, then realized that she left the sunroof open.
  8. Walking out of the shower and scaring herself in the mirror
  9. Waking up and not feeling her arms



The Honorary Dork:
Jess' Madre-
She actaully thought my and Nico should date.  No offence but hes just not my type.  Now I know she's always trying to hook me up with random people, but I only want the hook up if he looks, or is, an Abercrombie/American Eagle model...and nothing less

Funny things we say...
  1. "I wanna know where he keeps it.  Does he have a carrying case?  Does he have to check it when he flies"- Alie
  2. "I am a nut for coconut"- Jess
  3. after Alie almost ran Kenny Dreaser over-"Alie!!! You killed Kenny!!!"- Jess


AlieHo's Dork List:
  1. "The Mud Puddle"
  2. "Hi Alie its Jess..."- phone message
  3. Denny's
  4. The curb jumped at her
  5. Her hair in the morning
  6. Having the Chrismas tree fall on top of her
  7. Dirk


Alie dancing....
can be yours for $19.95   shipping and handeling
enough said

The Dorky thing we do together:
  1. Just going  to the gym
  2. Our undercover internet work
  3. Planing our "twin day" outfit
  4. Farris Buller's day off
  5. the days off stalking Rods before they were a couple
  6. The two of us w/ our digital cameras

We do a lot of dorky stuff by ourselves but when you put us together we get dangerous and bistanders should wear helmets and protective gear.