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Here are some pictures of my family and friends.

Alie and her family
I love my family
awww how cute

Me, my sister, and my cousins at the beach
Don't we (me andmy sister) look out of place

Alie and her family.

Homecoming 2002
Don't we all look pretty?
We had so much fun

Rachel smokin' a "skittle joint"*
fo shizzle ma nizzle
*skittle joint- a skittle rolled to look like a little joint...nothin illigal

Alie and Jess
hot babes
We are the biggest dorks around, but we have alot of fun.

The interesting thing is that my date is my bff's bf now...hmmmmmmm

Alie and Rodrigo at Homecoming 2002
Alie and Rodrigo
Att: This guy is taken by Jess

Jess and Sam
Colgate Smiles!
These girlies are always smiling

Alie and Jess
Can you even tell the difference?
Dont we look like sisters?

Awww its Jess and Rodrigo
Their wedding is in 8 years
Don't they just look like they're made for each other?

It's getting Hott in herre!!!!!

Jess and I getting our "freak on" at Homecoming

Jess and Brian "having fun"
Why do you think she laughing?

Is the picture upside down...
makes you think huh?
...or are you ?

Here I might put a picture of another friend or another group picture.

Don't we look prrrreeeeetttyyyy......

We went to dinner at La Strada

If any of my friends have their own web sites, I might include links to them here.