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Independent Short Story Analysis


Annotated Table of Contents
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Writing Introduction

Independent Short Story Analysis Format


1. Title and Page numbers: Lalla page 355-367


2. Author: Rosamunde Pilcher


3. Setting (Time and Place): A place in England called Cornwall after Lallas dad had died.


4. Names of Main Characters with Brief description:

Lalla: The oldest sister out of 3. Grew out of games and laughs when they moved from London.

Jane: Lallas sister. She admires Lalla and wants the best for her.

Godfrey: He visits Cornwall as often as he can because he likes to see Lalla. Hes one of their neighbors cousin.

Allan: He is from London. Lalla saw him at a ball in Cornwell.


5. Names of Important minor characters with brief description

Barney: The third sibling. He was 7 years younger than Lalla.

Mom: She had to support the family by herself because her husband died.

Royston Family: They were Lallas familys landlords and later became good friends with them.

Rosemary: Lallas friend from London. She introduced Lalla to her brother Allan.


6. Point of view and how it contributes to the story

The story is told from Janes point of view. It gives a good opinion about Godfrey and a bad one of Allan, and gives approval to Lallas decision of coming back.


7. Plot: Summary or Outline: (Recognize conflicts: man vs. man, man vs. himself, man vs. society, man vs. nature)

A family of 3 kids, mother, and father lived in London, they had a good economic positions and thought everything was going just fine for them. Father died in car accident near his job. Mother didnt have money to keep their lifestyle at London so they had to move to Cornwell. They meet a family called the Roystons and even though at first they didnt like each other very well they became good friends. The Roystons family had a cousin that visited very often Godfrey, Lalla became good friends with Godfrey and wrote I letters. Lalla received an invitation to a ball in town and she went with Jane. Lalla saw her friend from London Rosemary and she introduced Lalla to her brother Allan. Lalla moved back to London and lived with Rosemary and Allan and, she worked as a magazine editor and a model. She got engaged to Allan but broke it off after a while and went back to Cornwell to see Godfrey.


8. Themes: (Subject and authors message about the subject)

The best things in life can be found at home.


9. At least three important quotes that relate to the theme or are otherwise important to the meaning of the story: (state quote and how it relates)

How does it feel to have a famous daughter? people asked Mother, but she never quite accepted Lallas success (p. 364)

Mother, as well as the rest of the family knew that this big success wasnt what Lalla loved, it wasnt her, everything she was could be found back home, where she loved everything.


I had to do it. It was all a ghastly mistake( (p. 367)

Lalla finally realized that by going back to London she was being someone she really wasnt. She finally realized what she truly loved and where it was, where she belonged, back home.


I thought I was going after what I wanted. I thought I had what I wanted, and then I found out that I didnt want it at all. (p. 367)

Lalla was attracted like many other people to money and success. Which is exactly what she found at London, but when she had had enough of it she realized that it wasnt the same thing as having a loving family and partners like she did back home.


10. Important Symbols and what each represents

London: Money, success.

Cornwall: Home, family, real love

Not Scored