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School Involvment


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Community Service
School Involvment
Writing Introduction

This year I was involved in many different areas of the school. I participated in several sports like Cross Country, Water Polo and Track, making varsity for two of the sports. I also got involved in a club named Mercury. This club is responsible for taking care of the consession stands at lunch, foot ball games, basketball games and they also set up for pep assemblies. Being part of this club allowed me to build some responsibility. I had to go to meetings and helpp out in the ASB twice a week. i also had to be at school the night before pep assemblies to set up the Gym.
I also got involved with making th yearbook. This was a great experience because I had never been under any circumstances that required meeting deadlines not only for a grade but for an actual final product. Although I don't plan on being part of the yearbook staff next year because of my schedule I think that it was a great experience and it was very helpful. I learned how to handle the stress for a future job or maybe just future classes. I found this very useufl towards the end of the year because the more I learned to calm myself the better I did my projects and it even became easier for me to stop procrastinating. Although I wasn't involved with many clubs or sports I really learned a lot from the ones I actually participated it in. I would not change one thing about my involvment with the school activities this year.