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Annotated Table of Contents
List of Readings
Community Service
School Involvment
Writing Introduction

This portoflio is a synthesis of my sophmore year projects and writings. It reflects my successes and improvments throughout the year. It includes my involvment in the comunity and school and the impact each one has had on me. It also includes a list of all my r eadings and written pieces. The writings come with a reflection on how each was better or worse and what I changed on each particular piece. It also includes my future goals after each written essay. It exemplifies how i acomplisjed to meet the ESLR requirements.
The major impact this portfolio hhad is that it taught me ho to put together a digital portfolio which will be very helpful in the future and will make a big difference when I make my senior exit presentation.
In a way I am glad that this year is over because it was so hard, but I will miss it because it was so rewarding and I had so much fun. I learned how to balance my time and effore between athletics, community service and academics. It was really hard to put 100% effort on every single thing I did.