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Community Service


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Community Service
School Involvment
Writing Introduction

When i began my comunity service my rshmen year I decided that I would only do things that really interested me like track. That's why my first 30 hours are all related to track activities and school activities. This year however, I decided to try something new. I worked cleaning horse and getting them ready to be ridden by physically impared children. From this activity I learned to apreciate my physical abilities. Although they are not super hero powers or even extremely athletic, I have enough to be able to survive by myself. It is hard to apreciate these things when you are surounded by other people tha were just as lucky as you. It is only by spending time with these children that you learn about yourself. I also experienced the compassion and passionate. The ladies that were in charge of t he place managed to combine their love for horse with their compassionate hearts creating a magnificent playground for children.