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Business Letter


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Lety Flores

2571 Walking Stick ct.

Chula Vista, CA 91915



Sid Salazar

Eastlake High school

1120 Eastlake Parkway

Chula Vista, CA 91915


Mr. Salazar:



            As a member of the student body and athlete I would like to address a current issue. There seems to be a lack of support for the cross-country team shown by staff members and the Associated Student Body. This can be seen on several facts that have been problems four years: 1) We are one of the two only team in the county that still has sweat pants and sweatshirts rather than the comfortable warm-ups made of windbreaker material. On top of this the uniforms we use arent ours, we borrow them from the track team. 2) The cross country team has had 3 to 4 different new coaches in a row in the past four years, making it a hassle for the team to adapt to every coachs different forms of training each year. 3) Although we are one of the best running teams in the district its been harder for us to compete each year because were not getting many new comers due to some of the issues mentioned above. 

Some possible solution may be encouraging the staff to support all sports and emphasizing the fact that the lack of support cannot only downsize the team but it can eventually deprive us from having a cross-country team at all. Being a runner yourself I presume you understand how hard it is to concentrate enough to run distance, it is hard for the team to stay concentrated when we have so many other things to worry about. You have on your hands a hard working team of dedicated students with a combined grade point average over a 3.5 and the team that gets the most scholars awards from the California Interscholastic Federation. Part of our team also includes past and future valedictorians and ASB presidents. I invite you to review our situation and help us out for following years.


Thank you for your time,





          Lety Flores        

I was succesful in this letter by having good arguments presented. A weaknes sin the letter is how short it is. A new strategy I attempt to incorporate is maybe reaserch deeper into the subject. In my next composition my goal is to make it longer and more specific.

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