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Cassius is The Most Corrupted


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All power corrupts, but we need electricity said Haythum R. Khalid. And so is the case of Julius Caesar and Cassius; two characters in the play Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare. As Julius Caesar comes back from a trip, Cassius plots against him because he wants power. Cassius is more corrupt than Julius Caesar because he uses Caesars corruption to justify his own.

            When Cassius talks to Brutus, he tries to talk him into believing that he is just like Caesar and he should be getting just as much power. One of the way he approaches the subject is Brutus, and Caesar. What should be in that Caesar? why should that name be sounded more than yours? (Shakespeare, 23) Cassius compliments Brutus to get his trust. After that everything he tells him Brutus believes because he thinks that Cassius only wants the best for him. After being in good terms with Brutus, Cassius begins the second step to undermine Caesars name As a sick girl! Ye Gods! Sp get the start of the majestic world and hear the palm colors Cassius that Brutus is in a fragile position because he wants the best for Rome and is being convinced that he is better than what Rome has. Cassius comments get to Brutus not because he doesnt like Caesar but because he is a patriot and would do anything for Rome.

            The reason why Cassius would want to deceive Brutus is because of his own need for power. Although this isnt dressed directly it is clear that that is the reason why he would want to get Brutus in power. He tells Brutus once again Therefore, good Brutus be prepared to hear; And since you know you cannot see yourself so well as by reflection, I your glass will modestly discover to yourself what you yet not know of (Shakespeare, 23) This is a metaphor and although Brutus may interperut as meaning that Cassius is going to tell him who he is, Cassius true meaning of the metaphor is that he is the mirror and he has the power to reflect whatever he wants, even himself. Another sign of Cassius need of corruption is Think of his life, but for my single self, I had as life not be as live to be in awe of such thing as myself (Shakespeare, 19) Cassius believes he is too just as good as Caesar but he doesnt emphasize that because he knows it would be easier to control brutus.

            Cassius manipulates Brutus so that he will try to take Caesars position. The only reason why he does this is because he know he will be able to control a man in power meaning he is the one with the real power. Cassius is more corrupt than Caesar because he is using Caesars corruption for his own purpose but he pretends to be doing the opposite.


I liked writing this essay because I actuially had all that I wanted to say in mind all I had to do was put it on paper. What I didn't like about it was that it didn't sound as good as it did in my head. If i were the chnce to do this over I would check over my answers to make sure ever sentence said what I needed to say instead of just filling space.

Score: 3