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Short Stories and Poems


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War is usually known as a tool to gain Power between countries or people. However, in the short story Cranes by Hwand Sunwon and the poem The Man He Killed by Thomas Hardy war is a pointless battle that makes humans powerless. No only hat, but it also changes the decisions people would normally make under any other circumstances. The authors of these literary pieces used different was to show the same theme, that war isnt worth the massacres it produces.

In the short story Sunwon uses many symbols to compare the main characters with cranes. For example, The boys thought their crane had been shot, but the next moment as another crane from a nearby bush fluttered its wings the boys crane stretched its long neck, gave out a whoop and disappeared into the sky.(p. 36) This is an analogy between the bound craned and their new friendship/ The cranes was once a happy wild animal as their friendship was once a happy and healthy relationship. When the crane was caged and bond represents went hey separated and ended their friendship. When they thought that the crane was shot and realized that it wasnt represents the moment they realized that the too, had another chance to take control of their relationship.

In he poem The Man he Killed the writer expresses the idea that sometimes there is no choice or control when it comes to war. For example where it says I shot him dead because-because he was my foe, just so my foe of course he was (lines 9-11) when the reader goes through these there are some feelings that the repetition of some words created. For example guilt, the author expresses some kind of guilt because he killed a man but he is trying to justify what he did by repeating the idea that he had no other choice. Here, again, a man feels powerless upon this situation.

The authors in this two stories use different literary devices to develop the same theme. For example, in the short story, symbolism is used to relate freedom with the crane, and in the poem, irony and diction is used to create a regretful mood. In both pieces the main universal theme is that war only makes people powerless and changes the decision people would make under any other circumstances.

I was succesful in this essay by having more concrete sentences than my first one. The weakness of the essay was that i didn't concentrate on the format which made it a little shorter. I attempted to use better vocabulary and I plan to incorporate my vocabulary, format and concrete sentences to the rest of my essays

Score: 3