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Alieho's Senior Journal
Saturday, 2 August 2003
So yea.... Its 1032 in the morning and I really dont wanna do anything...except maybe go to the pool, but my mom is at bible study so thatll have to wait. I shoud be doing my hw... but thatll have to wait...hehehe. Jess tells me that shes on a mission to find me a bf...or atleast a date for homecoming. I want one but I am just so scared of being rejected. I know I need to change my attitude but its hard!!! It doesnt feel like anythings change since middle/elementry school so I am scerd... My mom asked me if there was anyone that I liked right now and there actually is one that I could tell her about... Luke. So yea... last night I was looking at his pics in the year book, and the truth is that if he smiles hes really cute but when he doesnt he looks like a monkey..kinda...:-/. I have sooo much hw this weekend...I have to read and get ready for econ and I have to rewrite my essay for english and fix the margins!!!! I should also go golfing but I dont wanna go alone and I doubt if jess would go w/ me... even though the cart boys are really cute...hehe. My hair looks so funny right now and I should get a shower cuz I need to groom myself.hehehe... Next weekend my sis, mom and I are going to a day spa and I cant wait b/c Ive been wanting a message for such along time... So yea i am totally rambling about pretty much nuthing....oh yea.... college is scaring me.... I dont think I am gonna get in to Davis....*tear*...I need to get a letter of recommendation from Mrs. D... which reminds me I need to email her. I also need to get my community sevice hours from my aunt from like the past 3 years... ok well I am running outta things to say soo I ll stop saying anything.......Alie

Posted by dorks04 at 10:47 AM PDT
Updated: Saturday, 2 August 2003 11:13 AM PDT
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Wednesday, 30 July 2003
So much to say..
So yea...So people just love to over-react. I am in Sorges Eng class and everydody and their mother is freaking out about it. I mean I know Sorge can be pretty intimidating, but really, hes not that bad!! Theres this girl in my class and shes always giving Sorge these bitchy looks. Why is that?... why do we have to be so bitter and mean. I mean Lyndsay Sulivan was giving me the evil eye during Psych and I wasnt even doing anything. I think they need to take a lesson on smiling from Jess. :) This school thing is gonna get to me... I can tell. I am already freaking out about when and what I should be doing at home and what I can do in ELP. Anyways, I went golfing with my dad today and I kicked ass on the front nine. I shout a 47 and thats the best score I've ever had there. I felt pretty good about that. I dont mean to brag (who am I kidding I DO WANT TO BRAG!!) but I am a really good golfer, and I love the feeling of being really good at sumthing, especially b/c my left hand doesnt keep me from doing it. I mean, I was pretty good at softball, but b/c I had to switch my glove that totally slowed me down so I kinda hit a wall in high school. Golf is great b/c people dont even notice my hand. You know I always wonder if people notice my hand. If there was one thing I could change about myself it would be my hand. I just hate knowning that there will always be things that I cant do. I mean how pathetic is it that I cant even put my own hair up in a ponytail. What am I gonna do if a I have daughters? Whos gonna put their hair up?!! Speaking of growing up... I am really nervous about college. I think I am going to apply for early admissions to Davis. If you get accepted you MUST go there, but I dont think thats a promblem b/c Ive wanted to go there since my sister went to college. I kinda hope Jess goes there. I think that would be fun, and I dont think we'd be as homesick. I wouldnt wanna room w/ her freshman year b/c I wanna meet new ppl but I would defentantly get an apart. w/ her sophmore year. I just think it would be sooooo fun. Plus I am looking forward to meeting some really awesome guys. I want a bf so bad but I dont wanna get too serious b/c we're graduating. yea you know whos cute...? Luke. hes this guy in my Eng class and he has the cutest dimples and he looks so nice and I think hes pretty smart. the only thing is that I think he might be shorter than me. Oh well...maybe not. Ok well I better do some more hw. I wanna go to bed at 9. I know I am an old lady.

Posted by dorks04 at 8:29 PM PDT
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Sunday, 27 July 2003
Ok, well its been awhile since I last wrote in here, but here I am now. I had my birthday party yesterday and it was really fun, I just wish more people had come. Oh well, good times. I am procrastinating right now b/c I am trying to right this stupid essay on my personal philosophy, which has to be 4 pgs and I am barely got 2 and I am running outta things to say. I was so tired last night. I didnt even wake up until 9 this morning. I swear school has gotten to me and its only been one week. Well I guess I better get back to my writing b/c I still have more hw and I wanna go to youth group tonight. especially b/c we didnt go to church this morning.

Posted by dorks04 at 12:31 PM PDT
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Monday, 21 July 2003
First day of school...
Well it came, and it went. The first day of school was just ehhh. I have Art History, Calc, Psych, Econ, English, and..... NO CLASS!!!! I was mad cuz I got Sorge for english, but after class I realized that I just need to keep an open mind and I might learn more this year then last. I thought that Jess and I weren't in any classes together, but we have Econ and rods and nico are in there too so, I think we'll have fun. We are starting a "Carlos Hater" club b/c the guy is a total asshole!!!! He through a fit in Jess's calc class about sitting next to her, when she didnt even care. Then... I heard him in 3rd period bad mouthing her!!!! He's totally being immature. If I hear him say anything else I am gonna confront him b/c its crap! Anyways, I scanned the crowd and it looks like theres still a lack of freaking guys at our school. I got my senior pix and theres only one thats semi-ok. I look really fat in all of them. Anyways, thats it for today.

Posted by dorks04 at 2:35 PM PDT
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Friday, 18 July 2003
"How to Deal"
There was nothing specifically great about today it was just a fun day. Jess and I dragged Jr to see "How to Deal", that Mandy Moore movie. It was actually pretty good and we were laughing, not b/c it was a comedy, but b/c minus the divorced parents and the pregnant bff, Mandy Moore's character was a lot like me. Crazy grannyho, older sister, great bff, and plus Trent Ford is pretty cute. So yea, we just hung out at Jess's designing our engagement rings (all I need is a bf), taking online quizes, and just plain hanging out. I just love doing that b/c we always find sumthing to talk about. So anyways, I am going shopping tomarrow w/ my grannyho and my Aunt Ronda. Whenever I think about my grandma I just get mad. She's pretty much ditched anybody and everybody important in her life for some ex-cop jerk. Its wierd b/c everyone has the same opinion about the dude. We all think that he's a controling, emotionally abusing, grumpy, mean, no good, old man. Its not like we want her to be alone. I mean we like my aunts bf and my uncles gf. But they're nice and they come to family gatherings. Whenever we say anything about the guy shes like "YOU JUST DONT WANT ME TO BE HAPPY". I miss my grandma... It almost sounds like she's dead....Sometimes thats wat it feels like. I dont know... It just makes me sad b/c we used to talk to her atleast 4 times a week and we would have dinner atleast once a week. now she has to fit us into her schedule. Oh well, I am a stupid 17 yr old... I dont know anything.... :(

Posted by dorks04 at 9:18 PM PDT
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Thursday, 17 July 2003
hmmmm.... Bored
Today was pretty boring. Golf, lunch, home. My legs itch really bad b/c I think I was attacted by an army of bugs at the golf tourement I went to on tues. I have to say, I am a pretty good golfer... Not bragging or anything, but I was hitting my drives 30 to 40 yrds longer then this one dude we were playing w/. I am starting to realize golf is wat I am good at. I cant sing, dance, or play an instrument so I'll golf. Rachel's play in tommarow and I am gonna go but I dont know if Jess is gonna go w/ me. I really, really, really, really dont wanna go by myself b/c last time I went to a performance I had to sit next to pyscho girl and I practically died!!! Oh well, I wouldnt want Jess to do something she doesnt wanna do (haha) like supporting friends. I am getting nervous/excited about school. I kinda just want it to start so we can get the show on the road. I think this year could be really fun...If we make it fun!!! Its still hard to believe that in less than 4 mounths we'll be sending off our college applications. I want to go to Davis, and I'll go there if I get in, but I also really want to play golf in college, so if I get any type of scholarship for golf I'll probably go many things at once. I'm also nervous/excited about golf season. I've been practicing soooo much, my dad thinks I am gonna go out there and "light up the courses". I hope hes right. They way that Sorge usually does the captians is by Seniors. Theres me, Flora, and Malissa, and I kinda think 3 is too much. All I have to say is I better be one, b/c Malissa's not even a starter and I dont think Flora has a lot of "leadership skills". I really want to play well this year. I think I've practiced more this off season then I have practiced any other sport all my life combined. Ok well I guess thats it for now. Until later...
<3 Alieho

Posted by dorks04 at 4:33 PM PDT
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Monday, 14 July 2003
Schools right around the corner...
Its hard to believe we're gonna be seniors. when I got to orintation today I found jess, julie, and brittany sitting on the senior lawn. I was like "wow, this is for real!!! We're seniors!!!" I got all my books and theyre all really heavy. Jess and I are planning on sharing AP Art history books since we have it on the same day. Hoppefully that will semi-save our backs. I hate to admit it but I am excited about going back to school. I know, I am crazy... We all ready knew that.

Posted by dorks04 at 8:17 PM PDT
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Saturday, 12 July 2003
Boys are dumb!!!
you gotta love them but they can be sooooo dumb some times. I mean what do I have to do to create a friendship. I extend the olive branch and its just grabbed and broken in 2!!! Oh well, like my mom says... "BOYS ARE DUMB!!! they dont use the same logic as girls". But even though theyre dumb, I still want one. They're like dogs, most dogs are dumb, but when you see one theyre so cute you have to have one. Gosh, its so confusing. I am really bored today. I have a coupon for a free Coldstone cone so maybe we'll go get a cone tonight. I want to go to seaport village this week. Doesnt that sound fun? Yea I know. Ok well thats it for today.

Posted by dorks04 at 2:34 PM PDT
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Friday, 11 July 2003
Pretty good day....
Today was a pretty good day. I pretty much just chilled until about 1 when I went to Rubios w/ Jess. We then went to Plaza to exchange some stuff from Ae and I ended up getting some new chonies. I always have fun w/ jess. It doesnt matter wat we do. we were talking about college and how it would be cool if we both went to Davis but how we wouldnt wanna live together in the dorms. We could totally bitch about our crapy roommates, and we could be eachothers rufuge from the ppl we dont like. Anyways. I am getting really nervous/excited about school. I dont feel old enough to be a senior in high school. it feels like only yesterday my sis was graduating from high school.

Posted by dorks04 at 8:57 PM PDT
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Thursday, 10 July 2003
I wanna go "shopping"!!!!
I am sooooo lonely right now. This school year I am gonna on the prawl. I want a bf sooo bad right now. I dont know how, but I will. Maybe by some chance our school will be graced by some decent looking guys. I just wanna have fun this year. Senior year is supposed to be the funnest year and I wanna make sure I have fun.

Posted by dorks04 at 1:17 PM PDT
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