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Alie's Online Journal


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Daily Log Page for 1/1

So here's my journal.  Laugh, cry, do whatever you want, just enjoy.

Being Sick Sucks!!!!!

I hate being sick!!!!!  I woke up feeling like crap.  I got a flu bug and I feel aweful.  I missed practice and I made my parents worry.  I guess they called but I didn't heat the phone and they thought I was dead or something.  I have become great friends with the toilet today and I wish I hadn't.  I told myself I would do HW but I can't concentrate.

I wanna go Shopping!!!!!

Did I mention that I hate being sick? Well if I didn't feel bad I would be at the mall.  I haven't been to the mall in sooo long and the one time I could have gone with Jess I am sick!!!!!  Erggggggg.  I swear Jess I could have gone.  I haven't visited the poopy pot for like 2 whole hours!!!!  Why didn't you take me!?!?


I love Paris!!!!

1/18/03-  Its been a long time since I've written anything in here so here i go.  The first week of school was "ehhh".  It was nice to see all my friends.  I took some funny pictures.  I think its awesome that we have a 3 day weekend right after we were off for 3 weeks.  Anyways, I have to go to my Aunts bday dinner tonight.

1/19/03-Today was an interesting day.  It started off normal, went to church, and ran erends with my parents, but it got wierd.  After we got home my dad and I went to the golf course.  While I was golfing I felt sumthing on my shirt.  I look down and there was on bee on me and right when I looked down it stung me.  It hurt sooo bad and my dad was like, "suck it up".  I cried and I  thought we would have gone home but heaven forbid we go home when theres still golf balls to be hit.  I couldnt believe that i got stung by a freakin bee!!!  Then when I got home I tried to start my take home math quiz but I dont understand any of it so I was going to try and get some help.