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Alie's Online Journal


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My Wierd Dreams

I have wierd dreams and now you guys will hear all about them.

1/18/03- Last night I had a wierd and really random dream.  Not wierd like gross wierd just kinda wierd.  First of all I went bowling with Jess, Rods, and Nico.  Then I envited myself to a mexican buffet that was outside and I made a huge mess.  Then, (I dont know if this was a whole new dream or not) we were at the westin and I think it was Sweethearts. (I dont know why I was there, I dont have a date) But then Jess needed gloves? so went over to the mall and we ended up shopping and we found these really bright patterned chonis.  The funny thing is that I don't even think the store we were in is a real store at Horton Plaza.  Like I said, my dreams are really random.

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